Terry Holt: A Resounding YES for Arlington Schools

Terry Holt

Terry Holt

When my wife and I were moving to the Boston area, we were looking for a town that would serve the educational needs of our kids. And it wasn’t that hard. Massachusetts schools are very good. Arlington stood out among them all.

It’s now a decade later, and we have encountered excellent teachers and administrators in the five schools our children have attended: Stratton, Hardy, Ottoson, Arlington High, and Minuteman High. I joined the PTO years ago to add my energy to improve my kids' educational experiences. And I've gained a deeper understanding of the challenges in Arlington schools. I’ve seen first-hand how teachers and administrators stretch resources, how they depend on the generosity of parents for things like classroom supplies, new curricula, library books, furniture to serve the special needs of our kids.

When our 9th grader started at AHS, we joined an Open House at the invitation of Principal Dr. Janger, and we were discouraged. It was clear to us that the school is in very bad shape and past solutions were to patch things up and do the minimum to keep things going. So I began attending meetings on the AHS building project, and I listened to the experts: architects, principals, teachers, and town leaders. I'm ready to support the town in building a high school that will meet the needs of new generations in Arlington.

Our town is known for having good schools. It's why teachers want to teach here, and families want to move here. But the issues are very real. If you are invested in the future of Arlington, I hope you are paying attention. We have the opportunity as a town to vote to approve these plans for a new high school, and for a budget override that will add money into our schools for improvements for the next 5 years. And I have high hopes that this town will overwhelmingly step up and vote YES and YES. A NO vote means we keep applying band-aids, installing stop-gap measures, and funding short-sighted renovations that will just mean pushing these decisions off on future generations at a higher price tag.

I hope you'll join me in voting YES for a new high school and YES for a budget override on June 11. Please read more about the vote here: http://www.buildarlingtonsfuture.com/

Terry Holt