Videos for the 2016 Campaign

Kirsi Allison-Ampe - Arlington Public News

Kirsi Allison-Ampe, a three-term School Committee, walks us through the reasons behind the need to rebuild or renovate Arlington High School, as well as the process of doing so. She explains how Question 2, which asks Arlington taxpayers to fund a Feasibility Study for a rebuild, is a preliminary step leading to the much larger debt exclusion that will be required to fund the rebuild itself.

Jane Morgan - Arlington Public News

Jane Morgan, a Stratton Elementary School parent and member of Build Arlington’s Future, talks to ACMi’s Brenda Mahoney about why it is vitally important to fund projects at the Thompson Elementary School and the Ottoson Middle School to address ballooning student enrollment.

Elaine Shea

Elaine Shea is a lifelong Arlington resident and is voting Yes on June 14th because one of the best features of our town is the education we provide our children. If we want children to learn to the best of their ability, we need to provide the environment for them to learn the best that they can. Now it is time to pay it forward and consider it a legacy we leave for the children.

John and Mary Deyst

John & Mary Deyst are 40 year residents and long time Town Meeting Members. John is also on the Finance Committee. They are voting Yes on June 14th because they strongly believe that our schools are a great investment for all people in town - young and old. This town is known for its schools among other things and we need to continue to maintain that good investment.

Julia Ruderman

Julia Ruderman is a Town Meeting Member and 2016 graduate of Minuteman Regional High School. She is voting Yes for all three debt exclusion questions on June 14. Julia wants to be an engineer and while at Minuteman, she was able to work with technology and machinery usually only found in college settings. This experience will put her ahead of her classmates when she enters college in the fall. Minuteman High School provides invaluable opportunities for thousands of Arlington students and needs to be rebuilt in order to support modern technical education.

Diane Mahon

Diane Mahon, co-chair of the Build Arlington's Future campaign, AHS graduate, varsity coach and chairman of the Board of Selectman, is voting Yes on June 14 because we need to address the needs of our children and our school infrastructure.

Steve DeCourcey

Steve DeCourcey, life-long Arlington resident and long-term Finance Committee member, is voting Yes on June 14 to ensure that our students get a quality education and that our facilities are rehabilitated to 21st century standards. If we don't approve these projects, it will put a tremendous strain on our operating and capital budgets and will require the town to spend money on short-term bandaid solutions that are not cost effective and will not solve the long term educational needs of our students.

Dan Dunn - Town's Financial Plan

Board of Selectman Dan Dunn provides details on the town of Arlington's multi-phased financial plan over the next 5 years. The town plans three phases 1) debt exclusion June 14 to address enrollment growth and renovation of our high schools 2) debt exclusion to pay for Arlington High School renovations and 3) operating override to raise revenues to continue to provide town services.

Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne, a fourth generation Arlingtonian and member of the Board of Selectmen, is voting Yes on June 14th because our schools are a real asset to our community and we cannot provide the first class education our students deserve with our current facilities.

John Donato

John Donato is a lifelong Arlington resident, Dallin parent, Town Meeting Member and teacher at Minuteman High School. John is voting Yes on June 14th to support many educational options for all of Arlington's students. "Minuteman is a hidden secret offering culinary arts, design & visual, carpentry & construction, biotech, automotive technology, nursing, EMT, environmental science and technology, robotics, and early education."

Joe Curro

Selectman Joe Curro is voting YES on all three debt exclusion questions on June 14, 2016 to make sure that Arlington continues to be an attractive place to live and raise a family.

Jennifer Susse

School Committee Chair Jennifer Susse is voting YES on June 14th because it solves issues at all levels of our public schools, addresses increasing enrollment challenges and addresses serious facility issues at Arlington's two high schools - Arlington High School and Minuteman High School.

Ed and Paulette Schwartz

Ed Paulette Schwartz—40 year residents and senior citizens—are voting YES on all three debt exclusion questions on June 14 because they feel that education is an important part of the fabric of our community and that we need to provide a wide variety of educational paths for all students.

Dan Dunn - Minuteman High School

Selectman Dan Dunn is voting YES on all three debt exclusion questions— including the rebuild of the Minuteman Vocational High School—because it fulfills Arlington's responsibility to provide a vocational–technical education option for Arlington's students.