Thank you!

On June 11 we asked voters to authorize a rebuild of Arlington High School and to support the quality services we all rely on. They answered with a resounding Yes and Yes!

Of the 12,723 people who turned out to vote:

  • 77% voted Yes to rebuild Arlington High School, securing $86 million in state funding and putting us on track for an estimated building completion date of 2024.

  • 68% voted Yes for the operating override, ensuring the town’s fiscal stability for at least four years. The override funds the critical services we all rely on and allows us to improve pedestrian accessibility and senior transportation, staff for school enrollment growth, and focus on narrowing the achievement gap.  

Results from all precincts are here. These victories would not have been possible without the dedication of volunteers and supporters. Teams of canvassers in every precinct made the time to knock on doors and have conversations with neighbors about these ballot questions. On Monday and Tuesday alone, volunteers logged more than 1000 hours working tirelessly to get out the vote.

We’re proud to have been a part of this campaign and to have had the opportunity to work with so many people who believe in our town. Today, it’s not “If we get to build the new high school...” It’s “When we build the new high school...” You made this possible for our students, our teachers, and our town.

We encourage you to stay involved in the building project as it moves into the next phase. The Arlington High School Building Committee will continue to provide updates and announce events at, on their Facebook page, and by e-bulletin.